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Hailing from the Czech Republic, this new line is cold and heat hardy, docile, and an absolutely excellent forager!


The Silver Laced Sussex is the resulting offspring from a proprietary Barred Rock and Silver Sussex cross. The striking silver lacing which encompasses black feathers, is what gives this breed their unique name.


They will lay 290+ large to extra large brown eggs per year!

DEPOSIT Silver Laced Sussex Pullet

Out of Stock
    • This is a deposit payment to reserve a live pullet (young) bird
    • Full price of a pullet is $30/bird or $25/bird if buying 10+
    • Final payment will be requested at time of pick-up
  • Birds will be fully weaned off from supplemental heat and be 10-11 weeks old at the the time of pick-up

    May: Saturday 18th or Sunday 19th 9-5pm

    BYOB: Bring Your Own Box (or crate) when picking up your pullets

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