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Barn Swallow Blossoms:

Local Flowers with Ecology in Mind

What is Barn Swallow Blossoms? It's the flower end of things here at Willow & Oak Farm! In 2019, before we moved to our current farm site, Kelly started growing cut flowers on a small scale at Upriver Organics. What started as a hobby quickly bloomed into a passion and an important pillar of our business. In 2021, Adam and Kelly moved to the Berggren Watershed Conservation Area, relocated the flowers, and added some animals to the mix--and Willow & Oak Farm was born! Through Barn Swallow Blossoms, we're committed to growing flowers using organic, regenerative practices and to connecting people to each other through seasonal blooms.

Are Willow & Oak Farm and Barn Swallow Blossoms two different businesses? Nope! Both names are part of the same LLC at the same farm run by the same couple. As we navigate growing our small farm operation, the Barn Swallow Blossoms branding may change, or we may decide to retire the name altogether. For now, BSB is one facet of all the farming we're doing here at Willow & Oak Farm.

Where can I find your flowers? Check out our Current Availability page! Depending on the time of year, we offer farmers market bouquets, spring and summer bouquet CSA programs, wholesale to local florists/designers, and sometimes take on special events and commission pieces. Contact Kelly at with flower inquiries.

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