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Bouquet Subscription CSA

Bouquet CSA

2024 flower subscriptions are now available- Sign up below! We offer beautiful, sustainably-grown bouquets during the spring and summer. This makes a wonderful gift for someone special in your life--or a gift to yourself! Each week offers diverse, unique blooms all straight from our farm. Deliveries are weekly on Wednesday afternoons. Please see the main CSA page for more details.


Spring Bouquet CSA

Savor the first local flowers of the year. This subscription is 5 weeks of blooms, April 3rd - May 1st. It features specialty ranunculus, anemones, double tulips, poppies, narcissus and more!

Summer Bouquet CSA

FULL Summer Bouquet CSA: Enjoy fresh flowers in your house all summer long! 15 weeks of flowers, June 12th - Sept 18th. Features the full spectrum of diverse, abundant summer blooms!


MINI Summer CSA: A great option if you would like a shorter membership, or know you'll be out of town for part of the summer.

  • Early Summer Bouquet CSA: 5 weeks of flowers, June 12th - July 10th

  • Midsummer Bouquet CSA: 5 weeks of flowers, July 17th - Aug 14th

  • Late Summer Bouquet CSA: 5 weeks of flowers, Aug 21st - Sept 18th

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