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Why Local, Sustainable Flowers Matter

At Willow & Oak Farm, we steward an acre of diversified cut flowers for farmers market, florists, CSA subscriptions, and DIY weddings. We strongly believe that growing local flowers in an environmentally friendly way is imperative for people and our planet! In a world where about 80% of all flowers sold in the US are imported by plane (most frequently from Columbia, Ecuador, and the Netherlands), the footprint of most flowers includes heavy carbon emissions, widespread pesticide use, and poor labor conditions for the folks bringing beauty to our tables and to the special moments in our lives. Just like local, organic and food supports the environment, your local economy, and a direct connection to your farmer, choosing local flowers is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to sustainable agricultural systems! Plus-- You can't beat the quality and beauty of a locally-grown bouquet!

While we are not currently certified organic, we use all-organic growing methods and follow National Organic Program guidelines to ensure that our flowers are safe for your family and our local ecosystem. We actively work to design and improve our systems to have a net-positive impact on the conservation land we farm--integrating regenerative practices like nutrient cycling (adding manure-based compost from our chickens to the field), reduced soil tillage, cover cropping. and supporting habitat for native pollinators. Striving to provide a supportive and equitable work environment to the amazing employees on our team is a top priority.

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History & Name Change- Where's Barn Swallow Blossoms?

We've consolidated our branding! In 2019, Kelly began growing cut flowers while working in organic veggie farming. What started as a passion project quickly bloomed into a "side business" called Barn Swallow Blossoms, and she sold flowers at farmers market and at the Upriver Organics farm stand for a couple years. When Adam and Kelly moved to our current farm site at the Berggren Watershed Conservation Area in 2021, we decided that we wanted a different name for our new full-time farm business, which would include both cut flowers and pasture-raised animals-- thus Willow & Oak Farm was born! For a few years we awkwardly straddled using two names for the flower end of the farm, trying to figure out if/where BSB had a place. In 2024, we officially retired all Barn Swallow Blossoms branding. In sum, we're the same farmers! Our farm has simply grown and changed over the years. We're no longer just one person, but a blossoming production-scale farm that includes the two of us and a few skilled and enthusiastic employees!

Kelly's new email address is We will regularly check the inbox throughout 2024, but ask that you transition to using the new email for flower-related requests. You can also reach us via our main farm email at

Where can I find your flowers?

Check current availability on the Find Us page. We sell directly to community members through Lane County Farmers Market and our CSA/subscription memberships. We love working with local florists and designers, and the wholesale end of our business is quickly growing! During peak season, we offer bulk "DIY" buckets for those who want to arrange their own wedding and event flowers. At this time, we do not offer full-service wedding work, but would be happy to refer you to some amazing florists that value local flowers and regularly use our blooms!

What do you grow?

We grow over 200 varieties of specialty cut flowers and foliage that thrive in our PNW climate! Each season brings a new wave of unique and gorgeous blooms. Here are a few (non-exhaustive!) examples of what is in season throughout the year:

Spring: Flowering bulbs and corms like anemones, ranunculus, tulips, daffodils; cold-hardy annuals like Iceland poppies
Late Spring to Early Summer: Cold-hardy blooms like snapdragons, campanula, larkspur, godetia, feverfew, delphinium, yarrow
Summer to Early Fall: Warm-season flowers like dahlias, lisianthus, zinnias, cosmos, amaranth, celosia, asters and MUCH more; lush foliage like eucalyptus and raspberry
Mid/Late Fall & Winter: Heirloom mums; dried/everlasting flowers like strawflower, statice, gomphrena, winged everlasting; woody crops like red twig dogwood, curly willow, pussy willow

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