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Broiler Coops
Layer Coop
Layers eating
The first eggs of 2022
Broiler chicks
Broiler Coop
Broilers at 3 weeks
Broilers at 7 weeks

Pastured Poultry

We proudly raise pastured poultry, meaning that after a few weeks as chicks in the brooder, our chickens spend the rest of their lives outdoors on pasture. They always have access to our green fields and fresh air. We started with chickens on our farm first and foremost for their ability to help us revitalize and reinvigorate the soils on our property through pasture rotation.

Layer Flock

Our layers always have access to 100 sq ft of pasture per bird when not sleeping in their mobile coop. We use electric fencing to keep them safe from predators and to better control their impact upon the land.  Their coop is moved once a week to more evenly distribute their manure, and the whole flock is moved to a new paddock twice month. It's very important to us that their impact upon the land, water and air is net positive, and contributes to a healthier ecosystem.

Meat Birds

Our broilers are housed in smaller mobile coops that we pull by hand through the pasture. We move them once or twice a day, depending on how soiled the pasture gets.  Each bird always has at least 2 sq feet of pasture space per bird in their coop, a pastured poultry welfare standard. They remain in their coops in order to keep them safe from aerial predators like hawks and owls that also call our farm home.

What do you feed them?

In addition to foraging insects, grasses and forbs in the field, both our layer and broiler flocks are given locally milled feed from Quilted Barn Feed Company in Philomath, OR. We love this feed because it's truly a PNW product, primarily composed of wheat from the Willamette Valley and peas from Eastern Washington. This feed is non-GMO, corn free, and soy free. We think that it's the highest quality feed around at the most affordable price, which helps keep our costs lower and our chickens healthy. At the end of the day, we love working with other local farmers and processors, working to establish a more localized and a more transparent food system.

Where do you get your chicks?

We work with Oregon's own Jenks Hatchery in Tangent. We pick them up the day after they hatch.

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