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Also known at a Barred Plymouth Rock, this breed is often considered an American staple, when referring to poultry breeds.


This breed is known to be active, lays approximately 280-290 large brown eggs per year, and will make a great addition to your flock!


This Barred Rock from Jenks Hatchery will out lay and out perform any other Barred Rock strain on the market, due to its' high production and selective breeding program.


As this is a cross breed, the Barred Rock, will not breed true if crossed.

DEPOSIT Barred Rock Pullet

    • This is a deposit payment to reserve a live pullet (young) bird
    • Full price of a pullet is $30/bird or $25/bird if buying 10+
    • Final payment will be requested at time of pick-up
  • Birds will be fully weaned off from supplemental heat and be 10-11 weeks old at the the time of pick-up

    May: Saturday 18th or Sunday 19th 9-5pm

    BYOB: Bring Your Own Box (or crate) when picking up your pullets

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